A new project from Chicken Lips here on their own Lipservice label.  I was complaining earlier about Chicken Lips because they seem to be using the same drums and synths from a decade ago, but then I hit myself in the head because they do that thing so well, it still sounds nice.

This new stuff is actually a little different however, while also keeping within their trademark discoid locale.  A track we really like is called Amsterdam Boots; a chi-town acid bouncer.  Other bits on the long player remind me of a kind of dirty proto-house sound and there’s a bit of depth to the whole thing so get it on your iPod for those intimate Ron Hardy moments on the bus to work.

The Rhythm Odyssey – Amsterdam Boots / BUY

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This is probably the best remix I’ve heard this year (that came out last year).  Let’s break it down;

– Horse noises
– Sounds from space
– Wawa
– Distorted italo keys
– Organ
– A constant, haunting synth snare

The record is from the excellent Hell Yeah imprint from Italy, the artist is Crimea X and the remix is from the wonderful Bjorn Torske.

Crimea X – Varvara (Bjorn Torkse Remix) / BUY

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Great vibes in Manchester the last few days, terrific weather, fresh air, happiness everywhere.  mancs have a habit of taking their tops off when the sun comes out (genetlemen only) and I spotted my first topless man today.  In some places you would ajudge the start of the warmer months with a bumblebee or some swallows, up here it’s the nipples of the lower classes that remain the key indicator.

Gatto Fritto is english producer Ben Williams who has been releasing chubby balearicish house records for men in their late 30s for a couple of years now.  With output on tip-top  labels like Dissident (RIP), DFA, Misericord and International Feel, the Barnet FC supporter will be balancing the pain of his team being bottom of the league with a release of a new album which you can here snippets of here.

As with most artists releasing albums, they remix like mad men, like this one on Headman’s Relish logo.

JR Seaton – Way Savvy (Gatto Fritto Remix) / BUY

Ermmm, two thirds of the SVP team will be hosting the upstairs bar at Joshua Brooks tonight while Juan Atkins plays downstairs.  Maybe see you there (like anybody who reads this blog is from Manchester).

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I was on a plane with Carl Craig the other day so was going to post something about him and his label’s 20th birthday.  Instead here’s a new track off Gold Panda‘s new album Companion.  I don’t think it’s as good as his last album but there’s some great stuff on there regardless of my pinickity opinions.

Gold Panda – Mayuri / BUY

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Oh boy, we’re getting old. Very early this morning myself and Todd were stuck waiting for our fee after a bar gig and the staff decided to put on the music from the club downstairs.

This stuff they were playing, wow. I don’t want to get into details but it made me throw some serious facepalms. It was the sort of music I’d use to annoy my Father.

I’m all up for keeping up with the youngsters and that but those vibes were rotten.

Moving on, a new Fabric CD is out and it’s really good. Curated by Ramadamnamandanmnadan, the mix seems to represent the eclectic trends in this post-dubstep, post-minimal thing we’re all enjoying at the moment (though some of the stuff on the mix is a bit meh). The track below, from last year, is creating a dreamy Sunday haze in my front room. It’s good and it’s on that album I was just talking about.

A Made Up Noise – Demons

Right, next week I’m going to put some disco up because it’s all getting a bit serious round here.

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In the world of house music we have been feeling very few reverberations over the last week, but were over the moon with two new albums;  firstly the new DJ Kicks from Wolf+Lamb Vs. Soul Clap on !K7 which is one of the most beautiful compilations we’ve ever fallen asleep on a sofa to, and secondly the re-release of Virgo Four‘s Resurrection on Rush Hour.

A collection of rare cuts spanning the Chicago bands output 1984-1990, each track, and we’re not winding you up here, each track is stunning.  You know what that early Chicago sound is all about, but this stuff is deep, thoughtful, subtle; great synths, great acid work-outs, great drums.  here isn’t too much written about the link between house and new wave, but you can really hear the links here.  Avant garde, raw house music.

Virgo Four – Look Into Your Eyes / BUY

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Three posts in as many days was spoiling you, I kept the fourth one back but like cats at meal time you can now stick your wet noses into this meat and jelly.  Friday flex with some feet-up house that will act as the perfect conduit betwixt present and the future.

Props to Todd SVP who is moving to the Great Cottonopolis this weekend.  Denizens of Chorlton, lock up your honey, there’s a new bear in town.

Glimpse – I Know I Show It / BUY

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